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The Way Back Re-Entry Center is a reentry support center for men and women who seek to make a change in their lives after incarceration. The Center encourages membership and mutual assistance by participants. The Re-Entry Center  provides services and resources for individuals seeking to move forward in the community. This is not a program or intervention involving case management or lengthy classes. The only structured participation is the employment boot camp and that is highly individualized.

The Way Back Re-Entry Center = Commitment   Communication   Community   Compassion

Mission: To provide resources and opportunities for released offenders to establish themselves as residents of a free world community

Assistance to members address:

  • Obtaining stable employment or income.
  • Establishing an appropriate and stable residence.
  • Accessing relevant social and community services.


Services Provided Include:


Basic Computer Literacy                 Job Searches/Leads

Clothing Assistance                          Networking 

Financial Classes                              Housing Referrals

Peer Support                                     Social Activities




Assistance is available Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 3:00pm

                                                     Friday     8:00am - 1:00pm


A service of The Way Back House, Inc.

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 The Way Back Re-Entry Center


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