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Work Ready Boot Camp Curriculum


  • Purpose
  • Content
    • Experience
    • Qualifications
  • Limitation
  • Branding- What are you?


Employment Perspective

  • Why Work?
  • What is success/life?
  • Working rationally


Adopting Job Search Options

  • Finding/searching for job leads
  • How to get a foot in the door
  • Manage job search efforts


Application Forms and Process


Computer Basics

  • Turning on the computer
  • Using the internet


Keeping a Job

  • Work at least one payroll
  • Learn to like your job
  • 90% of success is showing up

Boot Camp Benefits

  Completed Resume

  Online Job Searching

  Computer Basics

  Application and Interview Training

  Group Support

  Employment Leads

  Clothing for Job Search*

  Membership and T-Shirt


*All graduates of the Work Ready Boot Camp are provided clothing suitable for job search by One Man's Treasure, a prison ministry serving former inmates.

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 The Way Back Re-Entry Center


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